Jantec Neon Products

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Jantec Neon Sign Group was founded in 1993 by Jan Legere. During the 13 years prior to 1993 Mr. Legere worked in the fluorescent lamp field, holding the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of a major manufacturer of specialty fluorescent lamps. He also worked many years as an engineering consultant helping to setup lamp plants both domestically and in Mexico, Thailand and mainland China.

A long family history of artists, combined with some of the most state-of-the-art knowledge of how to manufacturer neon signs (which, from an engineering view, are very similar to fluorescent lamps) led to the vision of Jantec Neon Sign Group.

Today Jantec Neon Sign Group employs over 30 people involved not only in the manufacture of Quality Neon Displays, but also many high tech lighting products, some of which include; specialized microscope illumination units, lighting for robotic vision units, and miniature neon indicator lamps (2mm in diameter). The fact that the same equipment that processes your neon sign also processes special lamp units for million dollar microscopes results in a reputation for quality that is unequalled in the sign industry.

The production and marketing of Quality Neon Displays remains our main focus and mission. Our combined experience in this area exceeds over 75 years. We take great pride in the levels of Service, Quality, and Value that we offer you, our customers.


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